Monday, June 23, 2008

Local MMA

One of my video game friends being a Richmond based MMA trainer is pretty rad (see Kevin's fight from February). Saturday I found out the most recent Ultimate Fighter winner went to my high school and graduated a grade ahead of me (even radder). I liked Amir Sadollah's personality and fighting style from the start of the show, but not until Crystal and I saw the finale and it was announced he was from Richmond did it click. Well for Crystal at least, she claimed she thought he looked familiar and I thought she was dilisional. A quick trip to his wiki page and we found out he was at the same high school as us for three years.

I was already rooting for Amir to crush C.B. Dolloway a second time because C.B. is a douche. His Richmond origin was just wood on the fire. Now we are both big fans, so hopefully he can handle the veteran fighters at 185. There is always the option to drop to 170 and become a big fighter at a lower weight. Only time will tell and when that time comes we will be watching.

Black Lagoon
It has been a really long time since I watched any anime, so when Black Lagoon arrived from the bowels of my Netflix queue I was excited. Well not excited to watch it right away, it sat for a week and a half collecting dust because I was otherwise occupied. When I did get around to watching it I enjoyed it though. I has big action, a weak story and lots of profanity, but is well drawn and animated too. Not a must watch, but a fun time none the less.

We had fun, more on this fun Wednesday...

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Crystal said...

He is my most favorite fighter now! We will certainly be watching all of his future fights.

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