Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anniversary Camping

Friday last week we pulled out of Richmond late in the afternoon to head to Bear Creek Lake in Cumberland County, VA. It is only an hour away, but it felt like a much needed vacation from our suburban routine. Admittedly it is very much the suburban version of camping though. With a parking spot, fire pit, running water and bathhouse on site, it is not exactly roughing it. Camping with a small house dog requires some sacrifices. The rest is in the pictures...

Macy and Crystal
Starting the Fire
Duel wielding hot dogs
Our home
Macy's dog den
Hiking Saturday morning
Following the rules
Yet more hiking


Grant said...

Was it busy? Did you all get a good spot?

How was the temperature?

Wreck said...

It was busy, the spot was OK, but far from ideal and the temperature was perfect.

Crystal said...

The weekend was lovely!

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