Friday, June 27, 2008

WoW Dumpster

The monster is back! Run and hide the kids, I am playing World of Warcraft again. Last week I jumped in feet first to my four year on again off again romance/abusive relationship with the game equivilent of black tar heroin. I have retired my mage to collect dust and maybe get turned into a collectibable that collect dust (j/k, I like napping on the couch, but not sleeping there). So in place of my glass canon I rolled a shaman (a.ka. Jesus). Dr. Majarg M.D. is the podigal son of the original prodigal son, Majarg. He is in every way brighter, faster and stronger than his fore father and will hopefully do no wrong by my hand.

The game plan is to get a toon up to 70 and semi geared before the next expansion rolls out in late 2008 or early 2009. There will be ten man versions of every raid dungeon and tons of 5 man content as well. I vowed to stay away from pvp since it is what I burned out on last time, but only the twisted hand of WoW time will tell.

Back in October of 2007 I made an argument for more strict personal rating requirements on WoW season 3 arena gear. My thoughts got picked up on WoWInsider and the post garnered the most traffic my blog has seen to date. Most people thought it too strict to place requirements on all items. Season 4 rolled out yesterday with rating requirements on everything save gloves and the off hand. It is nice to see Blizzard and I are on the same page.

Lore Splosion
Christie Golden in her second blog post announced her newest collboration with Aaron Rosenberg, Beyond the Dark Portal. Carrying the same name as the Warcraft 2 expansion pack it covers the same plot that the game did. It is currently resting on my night stand half finished. Christie is also writing a new novel on the origin of Arthas. That and a script for a new WoW manga that is coming in August. The WoW comic is on issue 8 and finally picking up steam and lurking some where in the depths of Hollywood is the long announced and never updated live action movie. It is good time to be a lore nerd.

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