Monday, June 30, 2008

North to South Time Machine

This ride went down in the annals of pants history two weekends ago, but some computer issues made it difficult to share. I met up with Mike at 8:30am and got a call from Russ in the process. The plan was to ride north to south and meet up with Russ along the way in route to his place. To be clear the temperature (a.k.a the heat) will be a reoccurring character in our summer ride musical. He made an appearance on this ride too. As I always say, the rest is in the pictures...

Waiting for Mike to get ready
Meeting up with Russ
Russ's new bag...hawt!
Mmm, used needles in Southside
Russ's caboose
On the road
Mike, Russ and the Heat
Our rides
Group Shot
Group shout v2.0 - Suburban Myspace Gangsters ed.My kingdom for a wheel


Grant said...

Ah man, Russ. That bag is noice! More pictures at Pants Richmond, I say.

Looks like it was a good ride.

Crystal said...

What happened to the wheel?

Wreck said...

The Southside desert swallowed it.

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