Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Seventy and Crashing

With a name like Addicted 2 WoW you'd think I'd write about the game more. Thankfully there is enough going on in my life that I don't post every day about my leveling adventure. Dr Majarg did hit 70 over the weekend though. Since he is a man now I think I can dedicate a post to him on his birthday bar mitzvah.

It took me a grand total of 7 days and change played to break the big seven oh. Compared to my mage who took almost 8 days played to reach 60. Chalk it up to Blizzard speeding up the leveling process and a mod called Quest Helper. I leveled as enhancement from level one on, so when I hit seventy and went restoration I looked like clown barf. It will be a long road of honor grinding and Kara badges to get to an acceptable place with my gear for raiding.

That grind would be made easier if my game worked. I have been crashing at least once a night and at most ten to fifteen since level forty. I did everything just shy of reinstalling before I hit seventy to try and fix things. I got to my breaking point when I started my honor grind in Alterac Valley this past weekend and crashed every five minutes. Last night I uninstalled and attempted to reinstall. I got through eight disk (original and BC) and attempted to patch the game without success from 9pm to 1am last night. Tonight I will try a fresh install of windows, my second in two months, in the hopes of fixing the game. Wish me luck.

Diablo III Art Direction
I mentioned previously that Diablo III might not be the gameplay leap that everyone was looking forward to. I love the art though, when in motion it just feels right. Some D2 fans don't agree and have started petitions to try and get the game to look darker, "emo" even. MTV's MP Blog recently sat down with Diablo III designer Jay Wilson to have him comment on community created screenshot modifications. It is an interesting look at what makes games fun and less frustrating from a visual stand point.

UPS Knows Me

Wednesday last week Crystal and I stopped in to the local UPSery to send my borked 360 back to the mother ship. When we opened the door the gentleman behind the counter gave me a knowing look...

Him: Xbox?
Me: Yeah, do you get a lot of them?
Him: Tons!

Yesterday I got an email letting me know that my Xbox had been fixed or replaced already and would be shipping back today. The incredibly fast turn around time makes me think it was just replaced and shipped back. Even though it broke the quick response and solution speaks volumes for the company. Comcast are you paying attention.

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Hammer said...

Have you checked your motherboards capacitors to see if any of them have popped? If they have they can cause your pc to crash/reboot randomly. Once to many of them pop you wont even be able to make it thru a boot up before it crashes again.

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