Friday, September 19, 2008

Hospital Life

There was no post on Wednesday because they don't make wireless internet available in our local hospital. "ZOMG! Who was in the hospital?" you say and I say...

Crystal, as of Monday morning was going on a pretty tough two weeks and when she arrived at work she threw up twice, felt dizzy and saw spots. A call to her doctor won her an all expenses paid trip to the hospital to be observed for 24 hours on an IV to treat her dehydration. I left work early, picked up some entertainment (comics & podcast), took Macy (our dog) to the in-laws and showed up at the hospital at noon.

She was in good spirits, drinking lots of water in conjunction with her IV and was trying to find something to watch on TV. We chatted late into the night and I slept very little worrying about her in the torture rack the hospital tried to pass off as a recliner. The next morning she upgraded to solid foods and was still feeling well. At noon they unhooked the IV and sent her home. I got her set up on our couch with the remote and some snacks and made my way into work. When I was walking through the parking lot of my office she called and told me she had thrown up. Two hours later the second call came and she had thrown up three more times. By the time I left an end of the day meeting she was headed back to the hospital.

I packed up my stuff again and it was off to another night of hospital TV. She fell asleep early, I watched House and read comics. Wednesday morning she had a bit of solid food for breakfast and then my Mom tagged in, so I could go to work. At 11am they took her off the IV and observed her till 6pm that night to see if she got nauseous. She didn't and I took her to her parents house so I could do some grocery shopping, fill prescriptions and clean the house a bit. When I finally got her home at 9pm she was fast asleep soon after.

It has been an exhausting week and I have felt powerless to help my wife on far too many occasions. Thankfully the doctor assures us that the baby is healthy, this is not uncommon and that it usually goes away after twelve weeks at the latest. We start week ten tomorrow and I pray that it is not as tough on her.

R.I.P. The Brodeo
Damn it all, Jeff Green left for EA and I thought GFW radio would continue. Now comes the news that Shawn Elliott is leaving for 2k Boston to work as an associate producer on a secret project. I hope "secret project" is code for my favorite new podcast that makes me laugh out loud at work and also makes me think more deeply about this hobby called gaming. The Brodeo will be sorely missed by my ears and a large portion of the internet.


Crystal said...

Hopefully we are over this sickness hump soon. I know that you think there is nothing you can do, but just being there makes me feel better. You have been the best husband over the last couple of weeks, and I love you to pieces.

GetSomeMore said...

Hope all is well now and everything is back to normal. Well as normal as having a child can be...LOL!

The end of the Brodeo was a big BOO for me as well...Yaddle milk was the r0xx0r5!

gillberk said...
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