Tuesday, September 23, 2008


See I told you I'd get back to this thrilling topic someday. I started out watching vidcast or video podcast at my desktop in my office, but that seemed like a waste of valuable video game time. Then I made the jump to Crystal's laptop, but that was bulky and I felt bad when I forgot to charge it. Recently I got a hammy down 1st generation Zune from my brother and while it takes ages to sync it is lighter and more portable than a laptop. So that covers how I watch them, but not what I watch...

Fresh Ink
When TechTV came to our local cable provider I was geeked for sure. Then it was merged with G4, shortly after it just became G4 and then finally they tried to make it into a Spike clone. I stopped watching when it lost the Tech TV name, but that doesn't mean it is all bad. I ran across Fresh Ink while looking for comic podcast and was drawn in. They offer a more in depth "online" show every week and sporadically they will put up Attack of the Show segments with the same comic content. Blair Butler (the host) seems to know her stuff, but doesn't feel like the authority that iFanboy is.

Totally Rad Show
I'm sure I have mentioned the show before, but TRS is hands down the best vidcast on the net. The host have a great dynamic, come from different view points and can tangent while remaining focused. The number of topics hit from movies, games, TV, comics and more are right up my geeky alley. The extra curriculars are a joy to watch as well. Want to see Dan fail at drinking tea in London, the guys try out the new DnD rules or take a trip to Comic-Con, it is all there.

iFanboy Mini
The same guys who do the iFanboy audio podcast and a weekly vidcast also do daily shorts about random comic topics. They are usually about interesting topics and they always release on time. The always mix in a quick preview of the comics coming out this week and a pick of the week once said comics arrive. To fill the gaps they have segments where a host guesses the plot of comics he hasn't read in a decade, as well as a bunch of other random comic stuff. The most recent ones have been funny 3 minute clips about bad DC super villains.

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