Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Kingdom for an Albino

See that dragon (drake) it is white, looks slick and is hard to get. How hard? Do you have 75 mounts laying around in preparation for the expansion? You do, good your set for your Albion Drake come November 13th. Oh, you don't have 75 mounts, well lets see what it takes for the typical Horde player to sit atop a Jim Gaffigan colored dragon.

Mount Name
Cost Total
Blue Wolves 3 10 30
Purple Wolves 3 100 300
Blue Hawks 4 10 40
Purple Hawks 3 100 300
Blue Skeletals 3 10 30
Purple Skeletals 2 100 200
Blue Raptors 3 10 30
Purple Raptors 3 100 300
Blue Kodos 2 10 20
Purple Kodos 3 100 300
Total 29

So without ever traveling to Outland you can grab 29 mounts for the cost of 1,550 gold and some capital city reputation grinding. A trip to some a lot of battle grounds can also reward you with mounts for the cause.

Mount Name Quantity
Cost Total
Frost Wolf 1 0 0
BG Mark Mounts 5 0 0

That's six more and they are free, but they'll take a ton of your time to attain. Maybe you already have tons of marks filling up your mailbox though. Then it is time to head to Outlands, but bring your cash and get ready to grind.

Mount Name Quantity
Cost Total
Riding Talbuks 4 70 280
War Talbuks 4 100 400
Dark PvP Talbuks 2 0 0
Nether Drakes 6 200 1200
Nether Rays 5 200 1000
War Hippogryph 1 2000 2000
Blue Windrider 3 100 300
Purple Windrider 4 200 800


Time for a recount, we are at 64 out of 75 mounts, 7,530 gold and a healthy portion of your WoW life. Want to break 75 before the expansion drops? Things are about to get expensive and/or you're going to be poop sockin' it in instances for a while.

Instance Drops Quantity
Fiery Warhorse 1
Qiraji Crystals 4
Amani War Bear 1
Brewfest Kodo 1
Raven Lord 1
Brewfest Ram 1
Razzashi Raptor 1
White Hawk 1
Zulian Tiger 1
Ashes of Al'ar 1

Three of the crystals have a high drop rate, but the rest of the mounts are like winning the lottery. I wouldn't rely on them dropping as part of you quest for a creamy dreamy white drake. There is also the option to pick up and level engineering which will net you two flying machines and any empty bank account. Your last options are the expensive ones, there are roughly five mounts that are randomly distributed through the WoW trading card game. They're made available in a number of ways to the average WoW player.

1. Actually buy the cards and hope to get lucky (expensive).
2. Ebay the card(s) you want (expensive).
3. Buy from a guildmate with in game gold or sexual favors (expensive).

So what is the net net on all of this pre-WotLK pokemon collecting? There are currently 85 some odd mounts in game at this time, but only 64ish are readily available to all players. You won't be riding any flying mounts until level 77 anyway and there are bunches of mounts coming in Wrath. My advice get as many of the 64 as you can right now,maybe solo some trash in AQ40 with a friend for some crystals and wait for Wrath to drop and make the Albion Drake even easier to get.


Mehtul... said...

Man(sighs and holds head low). Yay for mounts and new achievements that are practically unreachable for those who have a Real Life.

Wreck said...

Actually Blizzard may have realized that very point as they reduced the amount required to 50.

World of Warcraft Gold Guide said...

good post :)

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