Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Returns and Other Bits

No, not my return. Granted my blogging schedule has been a little off for the past two to three weeks, but I've still been here. I'm sure my schedule will not settle until Crystal does, but I will do my best to post at least two times a week. In other news...

The Dark Knight Returns
Frank Miller is fucking rad. Who cares that the new Spirit movie might suck terribly based on the newest trailer. The man can write a comic. That may have been apparent to all who have read Sin City or 300 post film debut, but after reading Year One and Returns I am prepared to bestow the title of the best caped crusader writer on him as well. I get what the hype surrounding this book is all about now. It is another ground breaking comic from the 80's a la the Watchmen, but this book is actually still good and disturbingly relevant today.

Albino Drake Nerf
Yeah, so Blizzard seems to be taking the casual road every time they come across the fork these days. The achievement requirement of 75 mounts in exchange for an albino drake I posted on the other day has changed to 50 mounts. Considerably easier given the number of mounts currently available and also those available at launch (WotLK). It still requires some work and dedication to complete, but they will be far less rare now for sure. I wanted a proto-drake anyway, so meh.

Honor Flip Flop
Honor and marks are being wiped, oh happy day I can buy some pvp mounts in preparation for my albino drake. Cha-Ching. What honor is not being wiped and my marks are still matter? Oh thanks, I guess it is time to freaking grind again.

R.I.P iFanboy Mini
I told you to watch this show and then it was canceled. My apologies to anyone that was instantly hooked by it (doubtful). I will morn the loss though. The mini was a great way to get snippets of comic discussions that are otherwise only covered in articles on their website. The weekly audio and video cast are here to stay, but I will miss the mini.

Site Watch
Haven't done a site watch in a while, but I heart street art and the Wooster Collective has it. Check it out, they have graffiti too, yeah I know that is technically considered street art.

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