Friday, September 12, 2008


I had to go searching through old post to see what I had mentioned on this topic in the past. Thankfully I did not find a ton of content save a few recommendations sprinkled through out eight or so post. Given the amount of podcast and videocast (video podcast?) I listen to/watch in a week it is odd that there is not a lot on this blog about it. Write what you know right and I know I like podcast. Today I will focus on audio podcast and Monday I'll have a post on video.

You Look Nice Today

I first got turned on to this podcast listening to Mac Break Weekly, a cast I have mentioned in the past because of Merlin Mann. Well YLNT is a Merlin Mann co-creation with his fellow tweeters scottsimpson and lonelysandwich. It is essentially a spin-off of the rat holes Merlin occasionally takes Mac Break down with two willing participants that spur on the humorous conversation as opposed to reeling it in. It is a brand comedy that scratches my itch with an occasional dip into the raunch, well not occasional about 50% of the show is spent there. It's hilarious.

The bastard spawn of 1UP Yours and the now dead EGM Live came unto this earth on June 16th of this year. It is yet another gaming podcast from the crew at 1up, which puts me at listening to 4 out of 6 of their creations. Given that there is only so much game news in a day, week or month they end up covering a lot of the same topics. They keep it fresh by doing it from unique perspectives though and also offer up segments that cover topics outside of daily news. Their interview section is interesting in that it does not just grill game devs about their latest game. The backlog segment at the end of each show has 4-6 1up staff member play or replay a game that is old or they might have missed out on. So far they have covered Psychonauts and Shadow of the Colossus, two games that are on my pile of shame as well.

The Popular Mechanics Show

Out of all the podcast I listen to this one is the most like NPR programing. It is high brow edutainment that sports big name interviews with academia, researchers and technical experts. The most recent show showcased an interview with Adam Savage, of MythBusters fame and also a Popular Mechanics contributing editor, on the state of science education in America. Super interesting stuff that is worth your time and attention.

WoW Radio
Warcraft is one of my many nerdy indulgences and listen to a great podcast about the game brings the geek splurge full circle. I get all of my WoW news from websites way before this podcast comes out, but their opinions on that news and the humor they bring the table along with it is what keeps me coming back.

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