Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh Yeah, Football is Back

Autumn brings cool weather, my birthday, the best holidays, apple picking and football. Football means a reason to watch Sports Center, baseball is boring and they don't cover hockey any more. Football means fantasy leagues and pick em' pools. Football means there is always something to do on Sunday. Football means traveling up to Pittsburgh to see the boys in black and gold take the field.

This year I was less than prepared to be in football mode. One second it was hot as hell, my mind was other things and then football was here. After a Sunday of watching games, checking my fantasy teams and two Monday night games forth coming I am in full on football mode now. Bring on the tailgating, beers and foam fingers. Well actually no don't bring on a lot of that stuff, I am still a social recluse when it comes to all things. I might crack a beer, but it will be in the privacy of my own home with the drapes drawn.

WoW it's WoW
Nothing too exciting to report. I started doing 2v2 with Luke and we are both learning a lot. I'm still attending and looting gear from 10 man raids. Finally, I've decided to get WoW rich before the expansion drops (Novemberish), so I got some pointers from a friend, installed a few mods and started picking flowers between BG ques. My goal is 10k by November 1st.

40k, the Pedo Hobby?
I ventured out in the rain Saturday morning to pick up my Assault On Black Reach kit from my local Games Workshop. Admittedly I knew the weekend was probably a bad time to go. Teenage boys play 40k and teenage boys don't have school on the weekends. So walking into the retail store to a standing room only mix of teenage boys and man children made me ashamed to be interested in the hobby. Not so ashamed that I couldn't pick up some more brushes, paints and preorder the new space marines codex. I'm still intent on building, painting and playing a full army, but my resolve to go into the story on weekends has been dissolved.

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