Thursday, October 9, 2008

House of True Ash

Crystal is recovering at a rapid pace these days from first trimester woes. She is not out of the woods yet, but the trees are becoming less dense every day. A by product of all her down time was an opportunity to watch television. Not a hobby I care for usually, but I discovered a gem and polished the dust off of an old favorite.

True Blood
I like vampires and HBO makes good shows, that was the simple thought process that went through my head when I decided to sample True Blood. Alan Ball's work on Six Feet Under and American Beauty helped too, but the series is five episodes in and already standing on its own. The back story is simple, Japanese scientist invent synthetic blood and vampires reveal themselves to the world now that they are no longer forced to feed on humans. The shows story focuses on a small southern town and how they deal with the new addition to society. It is humorous, on occasion a little spooky and deals with vampires in a similar manner to civil rights and gay rights. A good mix of character development and mysticism, defiantly worth your time if you are already paying for HBO.

WoW: Ashbringer
The World of Warcraft comics have been largely a disappointment to date and would have been dropped by now if not for a saving throw from the lore nerd in me. So I was not expecting much from the Ashbringer origin mini series. What I got was mediocre sure, but it was better than the on going books. Not a stellar review I know, but if you play WoW and the back story interest you at all it is worth reading. At least the comics are bringing some loose ends up to date for the coming WotLK release this fall. King Varian is back on the thrown and Ashbringer is cleansed and in the hands of Tirion Fordring. Oh nerd alert on this section, but I guess it is too late for that.

Crystal has been on to this series from the start and I only started watching last season. I often refer to it as "The best show on TV" now, as I feel it is the best show on TV. Simple enough right? I think what draws me to a hospital show like House and pushes me away from a show like Grey's Anatomy is the tone and focus of each. House is a mystery first and a character drama second. The case the staff is working on trumps their own issues and drives the show forward. Grey's on the other hand focuses way to much on the insignificant personal drama of its characters and near ignors the medical cases. My technical mind will always have a penchant for a good mystery over peoples petty shit I guess.

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