Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That There is a Baby

Seeing Crystal's stomach get a little bump hasn't really made ze baby seem real for some reason. It could be because she is just starting to put on weight after dropping 21 pounds in her first trimester. That or the last time we saw our child to be it was a gray oval with a heartbeat. In any case the baby we saw last Thursday and seen above looks just like a miniature human. No more tadpole alien for us. That thing has a nose and five fingers, click it for a bigger view and see for yourself.

We took our first steps toward baby prep over the weekend by making our way to Babies"R"Us. Surprise, there are lots of babies and baby related items there! I am sure I will have intimate knowledge of this fine establishment as they drain my wallet for the next two years. Baby paraphernalia is ten kinds of expensive. Does bargain shopping for your heir make you a bad parent? I hope not. I also hope that our bay wants for nothing.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
In semi baby related news, Crystal was feeling well enough to attend a moving picture show this weekend. An event we have not partaken in for what feels like ages. Unfortunately we saw a film that could easily be saved for DVD release or even skipped if you are cynical enough. It wasn't horrible by any means, but mediocre is mediocre. The characters and writing seemed almost too life like and by extension a bit mundane. Regardless of how plain the movie felt, I also felt a bit too old to be watching it. Like the target demographic was 16-23 year olds and we slid in the back door undetected. I guess being awkward around girls and not knowing what you'll do after high school aren't really topics that speak to me these days.

Site Watch
I usually like my online comics funny and well drawn, but I'll make an exception for super funny and lazy stick figures. As long as the funny is super of course and that is were xkcd exist. The tech, math and science jokes are usually right up my alley, but can occasionally go over even my geeky head. Monday's comic was particularly good.

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Erin said...

Cute! Really glad to hear Crystal is doing much better!

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