Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Realm First(s)

So, that blurry character on the left is me after we downed the 10 player version of Kel'Thuzad. We raided for the past week since the release of WotLK and we have been racking up server first left and right. I'm an "Obsidian Slayer" now that we were the first to down Sartharion and soon after we cleared up the mess in the Vault of Archavon. Late Saturday night we went to visit the ten player version of Malygos and got a rude awaking. He was not happy to see us and told us so when we could barely get him 90% of his health before wiping.

We venture into 25 player Naxx tonight were I will be switching roles from restoration to elemental. This is a change that is both exciting and frightening for me. Exciting because it is a role that has been left vacant for a while. So I will get a chance to bring totem of wrath and a few other talents to the raid, as well as dibs on any elemental loot that drops. Frightening because Blizzard apparently wants all shaman to DPS as enhancement. There is a large itemization gap for elemental shaman when it comes to gear with hit. My options are to get tier 7 gear or fight for cloth and leather with the other caster classes. I'm stacking hit gems and saving up elixirs of accuracy, but still coming up short. I'll have to cross my fingers for some tier 7 or eventually get shipped back to the land of healing I'm sure. Which isn't a bad thing of course.

Overall I'm enjoying raiding a lot, but a little concerned that I have seen or killed all of the raid content in the expansion in just over a week. We still have 25 man Naxx to contend with, but I can't imagine it would be much harder than the 10 man version. We still haven't solved the Malygos game tape yet, but I'm confident on that front as well. Let's hope the devs at Blizzard are putting together something special with Ulduar.

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