Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Around the World in 80 Levels

Well, I'm back. It was a crazy five days of leveling, raiding, pvp, a poor diet and no sleep. By Monday night I was siting on a pile of blues, my first emblem pieces and some sort of nasty sickness. I missed work and blogging on Tuesday unfortunately as a result, but I'm feeling much better this evening. Time for a brief run down I guess.

11/13/08: Showed up at my local Gamestop with my brother at 11:30pm (11/12/08). I was out of the mall and back at my house game in hand at 12:07am and on the boat to Northrend by 12:45am. Lots of leveling and yawns later and it was 11:45am and time for a nap. Near 12 hours of gaming can do that to the best of us. Three hours of napping later and it was time to level again. To be honest my mind was a bit of blur at this point, I don't remember what level I was and when.

11/14/08: Sometime around 4am I crashed hard, I went to bed and slept a deep sleep till noon Friday. I had planned to wake up five hours later, but the flesh was not willing. I felt much better than I had in days when I got on though. It was a little bit of catching up with my group, but we were unhampered.

11/15/08: Realm first 80 was secured by my friend on Saturday. Congratulations to Majargjr on realm first 80, shaman and troll. No, his name is not a coincidence we both named our toons in homage to our friend Majarg. Around 4am Saturday I decided to go to sleep as I had two level lead on winning the realm first Orc to 80.

11/16/08: I woke up at 10am and not thinking clearly reset my alarm to 12pm. The sleep was nice, but it ultimately put me an hour behind the realm first orc Magnuso, another friend and guild member. It wasn't my goal to hit realm first, but when it came down to the wire I tried to make the push. It was a lot of fun to 80, but really that is only the start. Level 70 gear is trash for the most part, as we soon learned in our first heroic. It was tough and the blue drops were outpacing our tier six.

11/17/08: Monday was more heroics and our first trip to Naxxramas 10 man. We cleared the arachnid quarter, downed Patchwerk and wiped till we were sleepy on Grobbulus.

11/18/08: Tuesday I was supposed to go back to work, but a sinus infection that had been building for 2-3 days took a toll on my sleepless body. I woke up sick as a dog and ended up sleeping most of the day. By the evening I was feeling better, but probably shouldn't have raided. We cleared the construct quarter and got our first pieces of tier seven.

Tonight I am heading back into Naxx with the same group of ten, but before I go I'll do the numbers.

Days to 80:

Purples Replaced:
15 (as of 11/19/08)

New Purples:

Coolest New Purple:
Aegis of Damnation

Special thanks goes to...
  • My beautiful wife for being supportive and understanding given my addiction to not just WoW, but all things geeky.
  • My brother for calling to wake me up many times and leveling with me from start to finish, grats on realm first mage and undead.
  • Chort for leveling with me from start to finish, I hope all of your family business is better now.

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