Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disparate Devices

I have owned a mish-mash of MP3 and video playing gadgets over the past eight years and none really scratched my itch. For Christmas this year I made the decision to ditch the hammy down zune I was borrowing from my brother and eighty six the iPod nano I have been relying on for three years. Both get their jobs done, albeit remarkably slow in the Zune's case, but carrying two devices around is a royal pain in the ass.

So out with the old and in with the new. I got my iPod touch a week before Christmas and loaded it up with apps and podcast galore. It covers everything I was getting out of the Zune and nano, but also opens up other functionality. Having a tiny device that can browse the web, check the weather, get movie times and play games is freaking cool. Granted open WiFi is to Richmond, VA as war mongering is to Switzerland, but the WiFi in my house and the few restaurants we frequent means it still gets it's fair share of use.

1Up Fallout Continued
The former crew of the good ship 1Up Fm have already banged out two episodes of their new show Rebel FM. Where the first episode was audio murder they cleaned up the second with better equipment, definitely worth a listen. Ryan Scott has announced his newest podcast Geekbox Radio, the crew yet to be announced, but it should be out Friday at his site Geekbox. Finally the 1Up Show crew is brewing up something at talking orange, no clue on what it is, but a safe bet would be a videocast of some sort.

Guild Progress
We downed every boss in the game a while ago and are now relegated to doing heroic (25 man) achievements. Lately we have been trying for Sartharion with three drakes up, but are hitting a wall. It will come with time, but what I really want is a crack at Ulduar.

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