Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smokin' Out Jesus

The title sparks controversy, but chill it's just reviews...

Jesus Camp
Netflix's watch it now feature is hands down the only reason I keep the service anymore. Friday night I threw Jesus Camp on the que. The film focuses on a small camp in North Dakota run by Evangelical Christians with a taste for brain washing children. Evangelical's around the country send their children to the camp to be breed into what is essentially a new generation of fundamentalist Christians. Highlights include, but are not limited to having your child speak in tongues, sob uncontrollably as they receive the holy ghost, be taught about the evil's of Harry Potter and wear tape over their mouth as a grown man passes around toy fetuses.

Maxed Out
Yet another documentary fruit plucked from the Netflix tree. Maxed is a film about the credit and personal debit crisis in the US. Credit card companies make it super easy to get a card and consumers don't know how to be responsible with them. That was the main message the film was sending my way. I'm torn because there were some sad stories, but in most of the cases the people did it to themselves. Don't get me wrong once they got into debit the companies involved did everything in their power to keep them there, but they weren't forced at gun point to buy new crap.

Smokin' Aces
Not a new film to me by any means, but after watching this film for the third time in two years I realized that I have a real affinity for it. I'm tempted to say it is just the way the movie is shot, because the editing is just my style, but coming back to it over and over again means I like the writing too. Joe Carnahan, who wrote and directed it hasn't done a ton since, but he has three films attributed to him for 2009 including a sequel to Smokin'. Oh yeah the story, lots of assassins trying to kill a mob boss turned snitch with a good plot twist at the end that makes the whole film seem more complex. Outstanding performance by Ryan Reynolds considering most of the comedies he is in are terribad. He was good in Definitely, Maybe too.

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