Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fabled Batman Blade

Fable 2
While not the open world Fallout 3 was, Fable number two snagged me up this winter and fed me to it's RPG young. I logged near 30 hours in this game and if not for the lack of a true co-op game would probably still be playing it with friends. I never owned the original Xbox and as such did not own the original Fable. What I hear though is that it did not live up to the hype. The hype seems to be met and exceed in the sequel though. The story is what really made this game shine as the best RPG for me in 2008, versus Fallout 3 which felt disjointed a bit. I've heard it best described as Zelda for adults and I will leave it at that.

Mount & Blade
Indie games tug at my heart strings, but usually not my purse related ones. M&B is a game produced by a husband and wife that is indie to it's core, save its home on steam. The game is based in medieval times (not the restaurant) and is a mash up of a RPG, RTS and third person action game. Throw in late 90's 3D graphics and early aughts physics and you are approaching what could be a great game.

There is no real story, you start out the game plopped down in what presumably is the English country side. Just a dude with a sword and from there it is up to you to choose what you become. There are various factions to align with or you could amass your own army and rule the land. What truly makes the game great is the amount of latitude you have to create your own story. The huge battles on various types of topography don't hurt either.

Lego Batman
When Crystal finds a game that she actually has interest in I cling to said game like a baby baboon. The last one we sunk our teeth into was Mario Galaxy near one year ago. To my surprise the game she picked out this year was Lego Batman. I knew she enjoyed Lego Star Wars when I picked it up in 2006, but I was floored when she picked Batman as her stocking stuffer. The game is just as the title who lead you to believe, Batman stories done with Legos. The co-op is where it really shines and the drop in drop out arcade style play is solid. We skipped Lego Indian Jones after the 4th movie based installment turned my stomach to no end this summer, but Lego Batman is just the ticket in a post Dark Knight world.

Micro Blogging
As if posting here twice a week wasn't enough self indulgence for me on the webs, I started a micro blog over at Tumblr. It is really just a filter of all the stuff that inspires, awes and generally peaks my interest on the internet everyday. It will be updated much more frequently, but consider it bite sized morsels to this blog's steak dinners.

This is not a follow up to any of my baggage with them, but a great article on Wired about the last two years at the company, high highs and low lows.

The blog is two years old as of Jan 18th, where is my cotton based present?

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