Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fallout Tres

A raspy voiced Ron Perlman starts off the third game with...

"War... War never changes."

A phrase that has been used to start off all of the previous Fallout games. I would be lying if I said the hairs on my neck weren't standing at attention. Kick in the scratchy recordings of The Ink Spots and Louis Armstrong and I'm yours. The Fallout series has been courting me on the computer since my sophomore year in high school. Truth be told I bought the game on a whim with money from my Grandmother because the box art looked cool.

The post apocalyptic theme mixed with 50's pulp was right up my alley. That was just icing on the cake to a story that felt very off the rails. There was not a ton of guidance from the creators as to where and what you should be doing and it was liberating. Want to spend your time in caves killing molerats go for it. Want to explore all of the side quest that could be a game in and of themselves be my guest. Eventually you could take steps to complete the over arching quest, but you did it at your own pace.

Fallout 3 seems (I'm about 6 hours in) to take that ball and run with it, but in its own way. There are defiantly hints of Oblivion style game play, but it is more of a cousin to Fallout then it is the child of it's engine. The side quest seem to chain for days and I have just now started to get back to the main task at hand. I could go on for reams about this game, but here is a brief list of my thoughts so far.

1. Playing from the first person perspective I feel like I am less aware of my surroundings, but more invested in the character.

2. There is tons to do, but I feel a little over whelmed at times.

3. I had planned to be evil, but I end up taking the good path more often than not. I've heard it described as "A dick with a heart of gold".

4. The combat feels a little scatter brained when you get rushed by 3-4 raiders and you are out of action points.

5. Why do my weapons have to break so quickly. Money is hard to come by early on and the selection available from the vendors I have met is limited.


Grant said...

Can you use your loyal companion as a theft-ridden pack mule? I file that under one of the best work-arounds I've ever seen.

Wreck said...

I have yet to get any companions yet because it is all based on karma. I am not good or bad enough to have anyone who wants sign up with me. I guess I need to pick a side and stick with it.

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