Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Invincible Eagle Machina

Beware of the spoiler!

Eagle Eye
I was tentative about this movie from the first trailer I saw to the time I sat down Saturday night to watch it. It looked interesting enough, but the big reveal behind the trailers insanely quick hacking/tech manipulation had me concerned. Without spoiling the plot I will say that I had to put my "geek" brain aside to appreciate the movie. It is based in modern day America and should have had technology that was reflective of that time period. The film asked the viewer to disregard that notion and assume that the government could be hiding anything from us. Easy for middle aged diet coke drinking technophobes, but hard for a self titled geek to swallow.

Having just finished the first Walking Dead trade I am on a Kirkman sugar high. The man writes rad ass comics. Invincible so far (13 issues) is the story of a teenager whose Dad is the most powerful being on earth (Omni-Man). Mark (Invincible) realizes his own powers at age 17 and starts to fight crime solo and with a teen group simply titled "Teen Team". All is well until the Guardians Of The Globe (think Justice League) are brutally murdered by Mark's father. This gut punch is a 180 degree turn that sends the story in a new direction as Mark leans the truth about what his Dad really is. I'm reading this story in hard cover collector's editions so it will be slow going I'm sure, but well worth it.

Ex Machina
This is not a book a I planned to read any time soon. A story about a guy who can talk to machines, turned super hero, turned retired super hero and now mayor of New York just didn't seem that appealing. Vaughan's amazing work on Y is the only reason I actually considered the story in the first place. It was on the bottom of my pile though. When the local comic shop's of Richmond have collections only a basement dwelling super freak could love you have to make tough choices. No Queen and Country, no Walking Dead, no Invincible and so on. So I picked up the first Ex trade and was pleasantly suprised, I'm four trades in now and really starting to dig the story and character development.

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