Thursday, October 23, 2008


I spent the last two hours before sleep last night as a brain loving member of the living dead. The Lich King's assault on Azeroth has begun in what many might perceive as a benign nuisance. Plague filled crates have been anonymously delivered to Booty Bay and await the slightest touch from a player to deliver their payload. A disease, that if not cleansed in ten minutes will turn the host in to a member of the shambling army of the unliving. Well it is not so much an army yet. If you are on your own and away from civilization you will turn and end up shambling on your own.

You can start a recruitment drive for the Lich King though. Kill anything living, mangle anything living or corpse explode on anything living and in ten minutes it will no longer be "living". After failing to turn a few level 75 guards outside of Orgrimmar last night my friends and I started corpse exploding in the bank, in the auction house and on the battle masters. We got tells from players complaining about being infected and in general had fun causing mayhem in our own factions capital city.

Blizzard has hinted at upping the anti as the lead up to WotLK continues and I am all but willing to match their efforts. We have already joked about killing the horde leaders for the reverse achievement and a bear mount. You can't infect leaders though, we tried on Thrall last night, but his guards were a different story. Most of the NPCs in Shattrath appear to be immune as well so corpse exploding the battle masters there was a bust. We plan to experiment more tonight, but I am really hoping Blizzard expands this event to the scale of the beta closes. For the uninformed betas in the past have been closed with the spawning of end game raid bosses in capital cities. Essentially MMO armageddon minus Aerosmith.

All this talk of zombies and Halloween just a week away makes me want to get my hands on the first Walking Dead trade. I read the first thirteen issues of Invincible (expect a post) recently and the result was a huge man crush on Kirkman. My local comic shop looks at me like I asked where the frozen peas are when I mention either book, so I will end up having to order online. Which is cheaper anyway, but includes the wait for shipping.

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