Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Divine Storm

Patch day was last Tuesday and it brought with it a ton of changes and new features in preparation for the Lich King. Outside of the cries of "My modz dont work WTF" for the first 48 hours it brought a lot of cool stuff to the game. For instance, did you know that in Warcraft lore even the most inexperienced retribution paladin could kill his enemies in two to three blows? It's true, well at least based on what we learned from the patch. I saw a blue geared ret pally kill my friend's warrior that walks around in full season 4. Blizzard has taken steps to nerf them since, but even still they're a can of rape.

That goes for all DPS, everyone is hitting harder these days. It's because classes are balanced to level 80, but we are still level 70. Great for the pew pewers, but hell for a healer. I can barely keep up my dps friends against two targets. If there are three it is game over and this is in battlegrounds not arenas. It will be a long month till the expansion hits, but I'll be going elemental to level as a saving grace. In the mean time I have achievements to keep me busy and gold to make. Ah yes achievements, bane of my existence on Xbox Live. I have already spent a week running around Azeroth doing things I would have never done otherwise. In the end they are fun, optional and might get me a proto-drake!

Raiding got stepped up to the plate and took a hard swing with the nerf bat. Bosses have had their hit points dropped by 30%. Coupled with the increased DPS gear has been made less of a factor. If your team can coordinate on new fights expect some new kill screens on your guilds homepage. It's nice to see Blizzard taking steps to avoid what happened with Naxxramas. Meaning it came so late in the shadow of the expansion that a very limited number of the player base saw it. Hopefully more people will see Sunwell, but I wouldn't be suprised if it was a 10 man dungeon when we are all running around at level 90.

Albino Drake Update
My brother caught all the Pokemon he needed and got his Drake a few days after the patch dropped. The man is crazy and made even crazier in that he is now trying to get a skunk.

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