Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black Temple Field Trip

Sunday evening I was not prepared for my field trip to the Black Temple. I had all the flask, oils and other consumables I would need, but my brother told me not to worry about the actual strategies. Afterlife has had BT on farm since early July of this year and has since moved on to Sunwell to down four more bosses. With the latest patch nerfing all of the bosses in the Burning Crusade it seemed like a stroll through the content at just under four hours. This is a boon to some hardcore raiders, but a blessing for latecomers in clown farts like me.

I am a confessed lore fiend, so when our guild master gave me the go ahead to "see some cool shit" I was geeked. It was not so much about the gear, although it is nice, but seeing all of the content I otherwise would have missed. In my vanilla WoW days I made it through MC, BWL, almost all of AQ40 and quit before Naxx came out. I was not upset to start BC in tier 2 instead of tier 3, but wished I had at least seen the content. Thankfully achievements have let me see C'Thun and the expansion will bring back Naxx.

With a baby on the way this April I don't know if I will have time to be on the cutting edge of raid content like I have been in the past. There will be 10 man versions of every raid and Afterlife's passion for progression content though. So either way I will get to see some cool stuff.

Speaking of the gear earlier I figured I'd at least post my new goodies...

Skyshatter Headguard
Naturalist's Preserving Cinch
Illidari Runeshield - not currently in use

I know I said it's not about the gear, but a two piece T6 bonus sure would be nice for leveling to 80 in a week.


Majarg said...

You shouldn't use oil since you have earth living weapon buff!!!! Damn noob

Wreck said...

I used earth living weapon, but I had hallow's end oil with me though.

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