Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twilight Vanquisher

I've held my WoW nerd at bay, chained up and foaming at the mouth, for months now. There have been some small tidbits here and there, but no meat and potato meals. Well indulge me dear reader because it's about to get geeky in here.

On the 25 player raid front we have been pushing for The Twilight Zone achievement for going on three weeks now and finally got it last night. To define terms three weeks of attempts is two raid days a week for three hours each day, so roughly eighteen hours to get it done. It was by far the hardest challenge in WotLK that we have faced to date. Although I wonder about The Immortal and You Don't Have An Eternity now. They will be hard to do for sure. Here is some back of the napkin math, to give you some perspective.

  • 11.5 million people in the world play WoW;
  • 35,273 guilds in US and EU are ranked which means roughly;
  • 881,825 players in the US and EU have killed a raid boss in WotLK, of those;
  • 59,075 players have done The Twilight Zone or 6.7% and only;
  • 5,850 players have done You Don't Have An Eternity or 0.66% and only;
  • 2,100 players have done The Immortal or 0.24%.

Granted those numbers are rough estimates given that some guilds have more than 25 people on their rosters. Regardless the difficulty of the last two achievements is pretty clear.

On the 10 man front we had been slowing down since Christmas, but picked back up this week. Our goal was to knock out all of the 8 man achievements and we did last night with A Poke In The Eye. Up next is The Undying which should see our first attempt Saturday night.

No good news to report on the pvp front. No arena team I have been on has yielded any results. Either I suck at healing in arena and should level my mage up or my comps plus the current nature of burst dps is running a game on me. In any case I keep trying to find the magic spice that makes the pvp meal taste good, but have not done so to date.

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