Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One for the Other Hand

After weathering the toughest schedule of any team in the league this season the Steelers came out to do it one last time on Sunday. The emotional roller coaster that was Super Bowl XLIII saw the Steelers up 13 points at one time during the game. The Cardinals rallied though and with 2:37 left in the game they took a three point lead. Big Ben wins games though and did what he has done all season by putting together a last minute drive to win the biggest game for the black and gold.

Before the game on Sunday two MMA stars went toe to toe Saturday night in Vegas. B.J. Penn stepped up a weight class to 170 lbs to challenge George "Rush" St. Pierre for his welterweight belt. The first time the two clashed in 2006 it was a close split decision in GSP's favor. So the rematch to finally answer who was the better fighter was a long time coming. Well Saturday night St. Pierre put all the debate to rest with a steller four round dismantling of Penn. People said Penn would win in the stand up and George worked him over. People said Penn's guard was killer and Rush passed it at will. In the end Penn's corner threw in the towel before the fifth round even started in what I would say is an embarassing way to end a fight for someone who holds a belt already.

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I know the post above probably paints me as a violent sport loving mans man, but I have a soft spot for contemporary architecture, furniture and design. I just so happen to have discovered the contemporist which focuses on all of those.

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