Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grant Down!

In a week that saw ten inches of snow and temperatures in the low teens on Monday night, it was a shock to have a sunny day in the 70's. Saturday was a beautiful day to ride. It was the first shorts weather ride of the season and we got started around 11am from Mike's new pad in Southside. Our plan was to roll on the same route we did two weeks ago, that is to say Riverside east to west. We packed our things, chatted with Sarah and Mike and were two wheels rolling by 11:30. Little did we know, we would be back to their place by 12:15pm.

Departing from Mike and Sarah's
Two miles down the road and disaster
Grant was riding in my blind spot and I think I cut him off
Pedal in the leg and an abrupt end to the ride
Creepy cave on the way back to Mike's

1 comment:

Grant said...

On the plus side, there doesn't appear to be any internal damage. The knee was the main shot, and it's coming along well.

That cave was really wild.

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