Thursday, March 26, 2009

West of North

Before I got down and dirty in paint on Saturday afternoon, I was two wheels rolling with the brothers Brick earlier that morning. With limited Landon time we decided to head west of the Northside toward Ashland. We pedaled and chatted our way just short of 20 miles (18.17) before Landon parted ways and Grant and I hit up some Bill's Barbeque (BBBQ). It was good to see Landon for a change. As busy as he is, I usually keep up through Grant updates or sporadic internet missives. Below is a very brief photo history of our journey, I really need to start taking more shots...

Landon, me and Grant
Landon and his fiancee
Rolling in Lakeside
Urban Art?


Grant said...

I can see why Bill's might disable online ordering. It just doesn't suit the place (unlike the revolutionary moment in "The Net" where Sandra Bullock orders a pizza...on a computer).

Good ride. Lookin' forward to warmer weather after this weekend.

Wreck said...

We actually order all of our pizzas on the netz now.

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