Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nursery: Part 2

When we last left the nursery, two weeks ago, Crystal had secured an overhead projector and I completed the outline for the mural. Last weekend we went out to a local craft store and picked up paints and brushes, but did not get around to actually painting. So with less than a month away from the due date we started painting this past Saturday afternoon. Four hours later we ended up going out to dinner with Crystal's parents. When we returned home Crystal hit the bed and I went in to finish off the last of the first coat.

Sunday morning my body woke me up at the unreasonable hour of 9am. I guess it knew I had second coats to complete and details to wrap up. Another hour of work and the mural was complete. I still have plans to demo, paint and reassemble the nursery closet, but for now the mural is done and the results can bee seen below...

All painted up
George, Curious George
My lovely assistant

The lighting and blurriness is terrible in these pictures, so don't be surprised if a new set show up soon.


Grant said...

Well done, sir. The greens look sharp against the yellow, and it doesn't look like some strange, distorted, copyright dodging 3rd world Curious George.

Erin said...

That's great! Looks like you have a future in murals!

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