Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kaden goes to Pittsburgh: Part 2

Part two and the thrilling conclusion to our trip to western Pennsylvania starts with a Sunday morning trip to downtown Pittsburgh. We started the day by going to pick up my cousin Ruth and tour her apartment. Her roommate(s) and she had a bike room, I approve. On the way to the Strip district we saw an older gentlemen loading a parrot on to a bike he was getting ready to ride. I have seen a lot of things on bikes, but a bird is not one of them. As you can see from the picture below it was pretty rad.

Brunch in the Strip was had on the balcony of a nice restaurant, of which the name escapes me at the moment. I did find out that I don't like Straub and I love Penn Dark, which was brewed only a few miles from where I drank it. The rest of our time in the Strip was spent shopping for dinner and other bits. After we were done in the Strip we made our way down to the Point which is a park that sits at the intersection of two rivers that form another. The Point was host to Pittsburgh's Arts in the Park festival. Which had on display live bands, tasty food and art work for sale/show. As a part of our trip to the point we got a chance to tour the KDKA news room of which my Aunt is an employee. Finally we went down the river and took some great shots of Kaden and Heinz Field. Go Steelers!

Monday was mostly uneventful, we got up early and got on the road. Kaden was the picture perfect image of a calm, cool and collect baby the whole way home. Save stops for barn yard animal cutout photos, feedings and dirty diapers of course.

Sunday: Mellon Arena
Consol Energy Center
There be pirate cyclist in Pittsburgh
Lunch in the Strip
Shopping in the Strip
Ruth and Kaden
Kaden and Crystal at Penn Mac
Arts in the Park at the Point
Crystal, Aunt Jill, Kaden, Ruth and Dad at the Point
Dad, Kaden and Heinz Field
Kaden and Crystal at the KDKA weather desk
Kaden at the news desk
Kaden producing the news
Monday: Virginia Farm Market (almost home)
Goat and a rabbit
Our tired little boy
I took just as much video as I did photos, which was a lot, so expect a video on the site soon enough.

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Erin said...

A well travelled young man there! He seems so easy going! And of course he's still super cute!

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