Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kaden goes to Pittsburgh: Part 1

In the whirlwind two months that have been Kaden's first moments in this life, we have shown off our baby boy to most everyone we know in Richmond. The only visits left to make are Libya (a 2010 plan is in the works) and Pittsburgh. This past weekend we got the opportunity to check off western PA with a road trip up north. We left Friday at noon and cranked out the normal six hour trip in eight hours, with stops for feeding and diaper changes along the way.

We got into Pittsburgh relatively late Friday night, where we were staying with my Aunt Jill and Uncle Jack. They had cold beer waiting for us and hugs and kisses for Kaden. Saturday morning we were up bright and early for breakfast, lunch and dinner engagements up and down the Pennsylvania and Ohio border. Breakfast was in New Wilmington where Kaden met his great grandmother. Lunch was had in Edinboro to see an assortment of aunts, uncles and cousins. Kaden got to dip his toes in the same lake my Mom spent her summers as a child. Finally dinner was on deck in Mars with Kaden's great great Aunt Helen Anne, that's right two greats, meaning my great grand mother's sister. By the time we got home for the Pens game Saturday night Kaden was beat from a day long tour of my Mother's family.

Sunday and Monday will be in Thursday's part 2 post, but the rest of Friday and Saturday is in the pictures...

Friday: Kaden all packed up for a road trip
Stop number two on the turnpike
Saturday: Kaden meeting his great Grandma
Kaden and me
Next was a stop at Edinboro to see family and the lake
George Jr, Addy and Aunt Jill
Kaden got his feet wet
And was not a fan
He got his toes sandy too
Aunt Jo, Kaden, Mom and me
Kaden poses by a classic
George and Kaden
Dad and his team
Sleeping Kaden playing the roll of football
Aunt Helen Anne's for dinner
Enjoying the weather in Mars, PAKaden sporting the Black and Gold
He is one cute little boy
Like I said above, Part 2 will come on Thursday and have a whole new batch of pictures. Kaden did better than anyone could have asked or expected from a two month old. He either slept or just hung out the whole way up and back. The occasional fussiness was only to tell us he need food or to be changed.

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