Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chew Chew goes the Side

This past Saturday I got together with Grant and Mike for a little two wheeled action on the southside. With weekend obligations to our spouses and heirs already in place, we were rolling bright and early at 8am. The crack of dawnish start brought crusty eyes and coffee fiening, but also amazingly cool weather for July. Grant offered up a remix to an old route down Riverside that ended up being 20 miles of rad. Throw in the most hardcore Richmond proper based climb we have done to date, plus a break on a train and you have a killer way to spend a Saturday morning with friends. The rest is in the pictures...

Ride prep
Mike and his bike
The equivalent of the bicycle up skirt
Our album "Two Wheels for Jesus" drops this summer
We're two of a kind
Locomotion based enthusiasm abounds
No, seriously it abounds
More bikes


Grant said...

"Spouses and heirs."

That is an awesome phrase, sir. I plan to find situation to deploy it.

Next time, maybe we run the route in reverse so we can roll down that climb.

Landon Holbrook said...

This looks like an interesting route. Anyone still have the cue sheet and interested in doing it again?

Wreck said...

Actually we have run it a number of times since. It is just west on Riverside, left on Old Gun and loop back down the other side back to Riverside heading East. I did a 41 mile variation from my house back in May.

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