Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wars, Wood and Progress

Star Wars Lore
Never a fan of the three newest films and a rabid fan of the original three, I have spent years wondering about the expanded universe. As of late I have taken action to pursue that interest further. I'm currently reading the Darth Bane series, as they are the first books in the Star Wars time line. It is actually really good. From what I've heard there have been enough authors to touch the Star Wars universe that you can pick the best of the best to the bottom of the barrel and everything in between. So to get a good book my first time out was a bit of luck for sure.

My mailbox should have a copy of the Force Unleashed in it sometime this week. The game is set in the time period between Ep.III and Ep.IV and you play as Vader's first apprentice. Sounds cool, although I've heard the actual gameplay got mixed reviews. Finally I picked up the first two trades from the Legacy comic series, which is set years 100+ years after Ep.VI and follows Luke's son. Can't wait to start reading it.

As if I needed another hobby to empty my wallet, I have taken a greater interest in woodworking recently. My Grandfather was a woodworker and carver for at least the portion of his life that he and I were alive. He tried, when I was in high school, to pass along some tools and basswood in the interest of getting me interested in carving, but I was too young and too focused in other things. For Father's Day I got the go ahead from Kaden and Crystal to purchase a sliding miter saw. I have all kinds of other tools I'd like to buy next, but for now I'd like to see what I can produce with just a saw and some handtools. Look for a full post in the future, as I may be tackling my first project this weekend.

P.S. Woodcraft moved in a mile down from the road from us, I'm wallet is doomed.

Guild Progress

Raid progress without consistent attendance is just plain hard. After killing Yogg back in June we started the trudge to Algalon, it has been a tough row to hoe. Previously we had killed Molgeim last and unlocked the quest for Algalon by doing so. Since Yogg, we have downed the following hard modes: Flame Leviathan, XT-002, and Hodir. While accomplishments in and of themselves, Hodir is the only one that progress the guild toward the ultimate goal. It is not for lack of effort that Steelbreaker and Thorim still stand, but without a consistent roster of raiders we are swapping assignments and teaching strats every time we enter the zone.

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Ethan said...

You can definitely pick and choose the Star wars EU stuff. TheForce.Net is a decent place to get book reviews.

If you haven't read them, I really recommend The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thrawn_Trilogy). Might be the best of all the EU stuff. I finally stopped reading the EU stuff because I hit too many clunkers.

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