Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roosters and Chlorine

As I would normally have off on the 4th and the holiday happened to fall on a Saturday, I also got the 3rd off last week. So we made the most of my Friday freedom and spent the afternoon at Maymont with Kaden. It was great day for visiting the animals, not too hot and surprisingly not crowded. Below are the pictures from Friday...

"what is in the world is that Dad?"
Wingspan check!
Kaden and Crystal on the bench where I proposed.
Kaden showing off at the fountain.
After an awesome Friday out and about we were invited to a Saturday 4th pool party with the Bricks. All we had to provide was a cute baby and a tasty side dish. I know with certainty that the former was covered and I'm pretty sure the latter was highly reviewed as well. I slightly modified a new recipe from 101 that fit exactly what I was looking for in a side. We had fresh squash and zucchini from a friend in the fridge and I wanted to make some sort of casserole. So I dropped the tart crust and just hit the bottom of a baking dish with bread crumbs. Fill according to the recipe and wahlah! Captured swimming fun is below...

Getting ready to swim.
Kaden, Blair and Erin.
Kaden and Mom.
Kaden and Dad.

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