Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have been a daily reader of Penny Arcade for six of the ten years they have been in the business of creating comics. Granted they only post comics three days a week, but I still check back daily for the off chance that they supplement the accompanying blog post with additional post. I am a fan of their day to day work and an even bigger fan of their trips outside that work. Cardboard Tube Samurai stands out as the work they go back to the most, but their PA Present's serious is a great example of the range they can play at.

For the first time that I can remember they put forth three worlds that they might explore per the readers choosing. Lookouts, Automata and Jim Darkmagic. While I am a fan of the New Hampshire Darkmagics by way of the D&D Podcast, the choose came down to Lookouts and Automata for me. My original vote went to Lookouts, maybe it is the recent reception of our first son, but the look and possibilities of the story that could be told appealed to me. The end result was interest enough in both and the promise of more. What resulted was the farming out of Lookouts to Becky Dreistadt and Oliver Grigsby. They did it justice, but still would have preferred Gabe and Tycho tackle it.

They did save Automata for themselves though and it is running this week. Gabe's artwork on this piece stands out as some of his best as far as I am concerned. Tycho is also at his best when he can craft every detail of a world and splay it's innards out for all to see. All in it is a masterful collaboration so far by two guys who know each other and their styles all too well...

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Page 1,Page 2,Page 3,Page 4,Page 5

Raid Progress
We are stuck in the perpetual hell of farm content and hard modes that are too hard for our semi hard core guild to complete. Thankfully 3.2 seems to be just around the corner. As a matter of fact it will be out today or next Tuesday if I am not mistaken. Onward and upward I say. In a pre-achievement WoW we would have been done with Ulduar anyway, well except for Algalon of course.


Ethan said...

I agree about P-A. Honestly, the Lookouts didn't appeal to me after the first page.

Loved Automata and am glad they're pursuing it. I'd read a whole book of that Robo Film Noir.

Wreck said...

The art on Lookouts bugged me.

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