Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do the Riverside Dance

My dreams are haunted by the Sesame Street songs Kaden watches on DVR these days and apparently my post topics are too. "Do the cucumber dance".

Moving on, our crew assembled on Saturday at the house that Mehtul built for some cycling. New to the group was Ethan, a cyclist, Dad and like minded geek who happens to be related Kevin Bacon style to our group. How our ships passed in the night for so long I can't say, but I have worked with him at the same company for three years. Yet some how we didn't know we had the same hobbies. If that weren't enough, Grant also works with his wife. Long story short Ethan is a good guy and now a member of Pants de Richmond.

Saturday we were two wheels rolling by 8:30am and hit the same Riverside loop we did previously, but in reverse. The ghost of late night video game past came calling for me half way through the ride in the form of a near bonk. The hills of Old Gun are an unforgiving mistress to those that do not come prepared, take heed. A little break and understanding from my fellow riders and we were on our way. The rest of the day was mostly uneventful and we have plans to do it all again this coming weekend. The rest is in the pictures...

Group shot with the "Z"
Grant and Mike
Grant and the "Z"
My ride.
Ethan's ride.
Raid Progression
Well, as I stated Tuesday 3.2 did drop this week. The new raid content was underwhelming in that we cleared all of it and took a trip back to Ulduar in one night. The new epic gems are nice and easy to get and give me an opportunity to actually use my old heroism, valor and conquest emblems for once. The inclusion of triumph emblems is nice, but I don't plan to change my raid logging ways to get them in the daily 5 man quest.
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