Thursday, September 10, 2009

Double Dose of Ride

It is rare these days that I get to take two rides that aren't separated by the vast gully of the weekdays. This holiday weekend I did just that. Grant and I, in preparing for the coming Shakedown at Surry*, rode east of downtown one day and west of west another.

Fort Harrison (28.33 mi) | (Pictures)
This is a well known ride amongst our crew that usually reminds me of unbearable heat. The route is a tour de geographical areas, in that it starts amongst skyscrapers and loops out to farm country. I say I associate it with heat because most of the Ft. Harrison rides I have done have been mid-summer sweat fest. Saturday was not the norm, the weather was crisp and cool in the early morning and by the time we wrapped up post 11am it was just starting to get warm. While this is not a route that bears repeating too frequently, it should not be missed as a point of habit. The climb out of the Bottom offers some incredible views of the city and the park that marks the half way point is a canopy of shade that offers a nice historical back drop.

Rockville (27.41 mi)
Yet another well worn ride for the pants syndicate, riding west of the West End is where we got our road riding start years ago. Now educated, graduated and grown up we can look back on it with not so rosy colored glasses. The old loop just doesn't have the spark that other rides around Richmond offer. That is unless you find ways to give it life. Grant hit up Google maps and spiced up the ride with some super country roads and a two mile gravel bit that was remote as remote can be. Think corn fields on both flanks and out of the way huntin' dog breeders. The weather leaned toward cool, but not cold and the miles felt easy on the legs. Additional map based additions to this ride might bare even tastier fruit. We shall see.

*What I lovingly refer to as the Shakedown at Surry is really a farewell ride to fellow Pants Richmond member Russ. He is off to serve in South Korea for a number of years and as such will no longer be riding with us. To see him off we have a camping ride planned for this coming weekend to nether regions of Surry, VA.


Grant said...

Capital rides, the both of them. We'll definitely rediscover the west in subsequent months.

Flynnjr said...

Our last couple of rides have been out in Goochland and they've been great.

I've been wanting to get back to that battlefield ride, for sure, and maybe something south.

Cheers on that Surry ride. Great photos.

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