Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rusted Proto-Drake

What sounds like sophomoric sex slang is actually my newest flying mount by way of Ulduar's ten man hard modes. The Rusted Proto-Drake is my reward for completing Glory of the Ulduar Raider Friday night. A task that I got started a month behind on and took the entire summer to complete. Granted if my focus had been solely on this achievement I probably could have done it months ago. The time constraints of a daily 6:30am Kaden wake up call don't really lend themselves to post 12:30am raiding with my ten man group. Thankfully there is no uber achievement in ToC 10 man, so my desire for a third 310% speed mount can wait until Icecrown Citadel. A Proto-Frostwyrm maybe?

Saturday night I learned that I no longer have das juice in the arena. To be fair I had a loose association with les juice in the past on my mage, but I was probably being carried. Apparently I can't even be carried these days. In my mix of Hateful and Deadly I tried to get carried to a Furious totem by my friend and possible* season 6 gladiator the Chort. All I needed was a 700 personal rating. Easy enough if the Chort's rating wasn't putting us against folks who would rather see my face on the business end of their boots. I would get rolled in seconds and he would almost solo the two folks rolling me. After about 4 to 5 plays of the same song I decided to get off the merry go round. Hey the Deadly totem can be bought for honor, perfect!

To wrap my WoW things up, I am toying with the idea of leveling my mage again. He is already 71 from the last time I toyed with said idea, but now I need a herbing alt. Tooling around on a ground mount in Northrend might sound fun to some, but I'd rather pick my flowers from the sky. It will most likely take a while (see Appendix 16.3: I Had a Baby), but I figure I can keep my Shaman swimming in flask for a while before I have to hit the auction house.

*I say possible because Chort might or might not have been screwed over by the recent arena calculation that has apparently gone horribly wrong. He will find out soon and when he does I will post here about it.

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