Thursday, October 15, 2009

Basic Box Building

In a time where my heir has just surpassed the six month mark, the last thing I need is a new hobby. Despite better judgment, I have taken on two in this month alone. A Dungeons and Dragons post is forth coming, but today is a time for wood working.

I have wanted to work with wood ever since I was knee high to a drill press. My grandfather carved carousel horses as a hobby in retirement and every time we traveled north of the mason-dixon I got to hang out in his shop. It instilled an interest in the craft at a very young age. Wanting to do something with an interest that has been building for 20 plus years and actually doing something are two different things though.

So last night I did something about it. My local Woodcraft recently moved to less than a mile down the road from us. Living a stones throw from an organization that not only sells all things wood, but also teaches it was too enticing. I signed up for Basic Box Building as the introduction course to woodworking was an entire weekend commitment. It is not in the cards this year, but I hope to take it sometime in 2010. As a complete novice the box building class was very straight forward. The instructor walked us through every step and not only explained how to do it, but why we were doing it. The result was the box pictured here, that still needs to be sanded and finished, but is complete in construction.

I am already looking at what class I will take next, at least one in 2009 and looking at the next power tool to add to my workshop, probably an orbital sander. As an aside the next house we get will have to have a workshop if I want to get into serious furniture making.


Grant said...

Very cool!

What are you gonna keep in it?

Wreck said...

Not knowing the size of the box going into the class my thought was a dice box for traveling to and from gaming nights. However it is a bit to big for that, so I am thinking storage for dice and other gaming bits at the house. To be honest I don't know just yet.

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