Thursday, October 8, 2009


After much birthday deliberation and hand wringing I purchased a PS3 over the weekend. I must be living a pretty swanky lifestyle to complain about not wanting anything for my birthday, but such is the case. As an adult (a.k.a. grown ass man) I pretty much buy whatever I want when I want it. So when my birthday comes along once a year and I'm asked "what do you want" my mind draws a blank. This year it was a toss up between a Ps3 and an assortment of bike parts and clothing. I didn't really need either, but I guess you strike while the birthday iron is hot.

I ultimately decided to get the PS3 because at $299 it is less of an impulse buy the other 364 days I was not born. If I get a wild hair to buy a new rear rack in November, I'll just order it that day. The back catalog of games on the PS3 that I can get dirt cheap is really nice. So far I have I finished the first Uncharted and started Metal Gear Solid 4 (hence the title reference). Full reviews (as full as they get on this blog) are forth coming, but I will say that I enjoyed Uncharted and I'm enjoying MSG4.

The built in Blu-ray player is a nice addition as well. I always thought unscaled DVDs looked particularly crappy when viewed next to HDTV movies. So getting a notch above HDTV and 10 stories up from DVDs with Blu-ray is a breath of fresh air in a cloud of sulfur. We rented Push as our first dip into high def disk based movie watching. It looked great and actually turned out to be a decent enough film. Now for surround sound? Maybe my next birthday.

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Crystal said...

Maybe my birthday :)

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