Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September Miles

In an ideal month I can clock just under 120 miles on the saddle. With one weekend morning to dedicate to riding in a week, I usually put in between 20 to 40 miles. So it feels like a big accomplishment to get just over 200 miles in September. The same month that I turned 28 and feel older than I ever have. Don't get me wrong, I prescribe to the idea that age is just a number, but I do feel aged by the stages of life. I finished college and I felt older. I got married, older. Bought a house, older. Had a son, you guessed it, older. Maybe older is the wrong word. More responsible maybe? Mature?

Regardless my legs don't feel old. Two hundred is the most I have ridden in a month since I rediscovered riding ten years ago. I still have a passion for the hobby or lifestyle however you categorize it. I enjoy riding with friends and am looking forward to cycling with Kaden. In that vein we will soon be in the market for a bike trailer. Something we could pull around the neighborhood this Fall and coming Spring.

September Ride Summary

9/05: Fort Harrison - 28.5mi
9/07: Oilville - 27.5 mi
9/12: Richmond to Surry - 64mi
9/13: Surry to Colonial Heights - 59mi
9/20: Riverside - 18.5mi
9/27: Neighborhood - 5mi


Crystal said...

We are old!!! No you are right I like the term mature better.

Nate J said...

Old is at 38 being told by a 28 year-old (my neighbor, who is coincidentally your age) how old they feel, which makes me feel like swapping my padded cycling shorts for Depends! ;)


~ Nate

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