Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too Fast...

Kaden is growing up too fast! At five months he has two teeth, has been rolling over for months and is starting to show signs of crawling. The picture above is from earlier this week and is where I find him more often than not now when left to his own devices. He rolls from his back to his stomach, then gets up on all fours and rocks. His legs are going, but his hands aren't quite there yet. When he does work it out I'd imagine he'll be a handful trucking all over the house. I'd do well to pick up the baby gate sooner than later.

Development numéro deux, he is sitting up on his own now. I guess plopping him down in the bumbo once in a while is helping. At first he could really only do it with two hands on the ground in front of him. Even then he would lose his balance and fall to the left or right. Lately he can take one hand off the ground and remain upright and also self correct when he leans too far forward.

And finally it is a bit of old news now, but he has been consuming solid food since the beginning of August. He went from rice cereal to an assortment of vegetables in no time. He is now comfortable enough with it to make a mess every night. He has only upended one container of carrots into his lap, but he is always happy to grab for the spoon or stick his hands in his mouth. That means bath time every night, which works perfectly into his bed time schedule.

My only fear is missing out on something. Now that Crystal and I are both back at work we try to maximize our time spent with our little man in the evenings and on weekends. I guess if he crawls at the babysitters first it won't be that devastating, but I'll cross my fingers and hope that it is at home with us.


Erin said...

Based on the first picture he seems to be just as surprised as you two that he's getting so big!

He's adorable!

Crystal said...

Wow I can't believe it either. It really doesn't seem like that long ago that we had the pack n play in our room and it was his first night home and he kept us up all night crying. But you are the best dad ever and I am so glad you picked me to have a family with :)

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