Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shakedown at Surry Part 2

Sunday brought the thrilling conclusion of our cycling tale. After a night of drinking and eating with friends sleep came easy, but not comfortably. I foresee a sleeping pad of some sort in my future, but for this trip I slept on the earth. Breakfast was less elegant than the grilled chicken I cooked up for dinner the night before, but instant coffee and pastries still hit the spot. We bid Grant and Erin farewell and were two wheels rolling soon after. Russ, Mike and I decided on a more southerly route for our return home. It took us through a lot of remote farm country that was a nice contrast to the constant that is Rt. 5. The rest is in the pictures...

Sleeping on the ground makes me feel old.
One last shot with Grant before we roll out.
Grant & Erin: American Gothic edition
Two wheels rolling.
Lost?...Just a little bit.
First break of the day.
To refuel.
Old Towne Petersburg.
The trip back was slightly shorter (58mi vs. 62mi), but we finished in Colonial Heights and caught a ride and some lunch back to Grant's in the Northside. All in it was it was the most I have ever ridden in two days. I had never camped between rides either, we tried it on our last trip to Cumberland County, but were too pooped to proceed. Cycling goals aside all 120 miles were spent with my good friends in Pants Richmond. Hopefully the years that Russ is away from Richmond pass quickly, because he will be missed on the bike and off.


Nate J said...

I'm from Renton, WA (where Jimi Hendrix is buried and Boeing 737 planes are made) near Seattle. I found your blog via the Bike Hacks web site and the D-I-Y cycling knickers posting.

My wife is from the Petersburg/Colonial Heights/Richmond area originally, so it was a surprise for me to see the pics from your ride of the area. When I last visited VA in the summer (4th of July) I didn't think *anyone* rode a bicycle around there (especially compared to VA Beach where it seems there are more beach bikes than cars)! You've got me thinking I should tote my bike over there on the next visit!

~ Nate

Wreck said...

While central VA is not the bike capital of the world that the pacific northwest is, we do put in some miles. (www.raba.org) I'd love to ride in the same neck of the woods that I only see in photos from Kent Peterson and Alex Wetmore though.

Thanks for the comment and if you are ever in the Richmond area for an extended stay drop me a line on the blog if you want to ride.

Nate J said...

Will do, Wreck!

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