Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grant's BPW 08 - Stories

As I mentioned Monday there are plenty of stories to tell from our adventure to Bear Creek. Here are a choice pair that are worth sharing and of an appropriate nature...

Prison Crossing
When I arrived at the Holbrook's on Saturday morning Landon had satellite photos and maps of a "compound" that we would need to by pass on our way to Bear Creek. Behind the compound was a small bridge that would allow us to cross the James with minimal traffic. It is fair to say that the rest of us already presumed this was another one of Landon's hair brain schemes. Except this one seemed right out of Where Eagles Dare complete with spy plane photos care of Google maps.

We did not discuss the "compound" again until we pulled on to Patterson at mid day over looking the Goochland Correctional Center. When we put two and two together it was clear Landon planned for us to sneak through or around a federal prison. Landon rode ahead to look for a way through while the rest of us joked about him popping out on the other side in an orange jump suit. When he returned he suggested we move in closer to figure out a way around.

We parked ourselves under a tree and looked over the prison for the path of least resistance. What we saw were layers of razor wire and armed guard towers. A pickup rolled to one of the entrances and was very clearly watching us watch them (see the full sized picture above). We decided that because the majority us did not like being sold for cartons of cigarettes that we should talk to the guards about passing through. Or rather make Landon step up and talk to them while we cracked jokes under the tree.

Landon again left our group to talk to the pickup truck. Inside the truck was a white mustached guard who kept a scoped rifle at his side. The guard suggested we double back to 522 to cross the river as only the warden could bless our prison crossing and he was not around. The other option was getting the warden on the phone. Which Landon pushed for and eventually got. We were to follow the pickup escort, not stop and not take pictures. Just as the warden granted us access the rain started to come down in buckets.

We were waiting under the tree putting on our raincoats when Landon returned and told us about our safe and legal passage. Soon enough we were on the rear bumper of the pickup flanked by razor wire and hidden stares. The bridge across the river was a single lane road that could not have been more than three feet above the James. Once we were across the rain soon lifted and we were on our way.

Landon started the day with a hair brained idea to sneak through a federal prison and end up getting us an armed escort and a great story.

Our first encounter with the infamous Bodacious was at a middle of no where intersection that we stopped to rest and take photos at. A white pickup slightly lowered and splashed with chrome pulled up to the stop sign and lowered a tinted window. Bass, smoke and a dirt lipped mustache came pouring out of the vehicle.

Dirt Lip: Ya'll know this area?
Me: No
Landon: Yes
Dirt Lip: Where is Bodacious...mud bog?
Landon: Ahhh (looking at his map)
Me: (to Landon) He means a club or restaurant not a place on the map
Landon: (to Dirt Lip) No

Dirt Lip looked a bit annoyed, sealed up his window of tint and pealed away from the intersection. We presumed at the time that this was the end of Bodacious, but we now know Bodacious does not end or begin it just is. An hour later at another intersection stopping to take some pictures a black pickup on two stories of rubber roared past us and the only thing louder than its V6 was the battle of "Boooooodacious!".

The navigation request and hollers continued for the rest of the day to a total of five or six in all. The only other notable one was because of a near fatal accident Bodacious almost caused. Climbing up a hill on a 55 MPH road with no shoulder a mid nineties Honda coming from the opposite direction screeched to a stop when they saw humans traveling in slow vehicles (us). It was again to ask for directions, but the SUV behind the young explorers must have know where he was going. Not expecting to stop the SUV slammed its breaks narrowly avoiding the car full of teenagers.

Bodacious indeed.

All of the pictures in case you missed them Monday.

P.S. I know now that Bodacious is not a club or restaurant, but at the time I was ignorant of the mighty beast.

P.S.S. There was a building in the middle of the prison labeled "Meat House". Yeah I don't want to know either.


Grant said...

Ah man, good times. That picture of the prison is perfectly ominous with the storm clouds brewin'.

Anonymous said...

Where eagles dare... wasn't that a misfits jingle.

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