Monday, April 14, 2008

Grant's BPW 08 - Photos

Grant's bachelor party weekend has come and gone. We rode to and camped at Bear Creek lake with seven good friends. There was much laughter, pain and good stories to be had, but those will have to wait for a follow up "stories" post on Wednesday. Images can tell most of the story for now, so I will let them tell their tale...
8am start and group shot
On the road to Oilville
Oilville for food and Matt's bits
Corn dogs!
The man of the hour
Landon and I
Hose got hops
Our rides
On to the prison
Yeah, I said prison (more on Wednesday)
Then it rained a lot
Prison bridge in the rain
Another stop for food
More corn dogs
Grant and his ride
More of Matt's bits
Landon and his ride
Landon and his roses

Me and my ride
Flat tire
Macro shot flat change
Waterfalls and my new Brooks
Gravel roads and my new Brooks
Landon climbing in the gravel
We finally made it to the site (5:30pm)
Time to light a fire and relax
Smores and facial hair
Matt and Mike
Landon, Bill and Chris
About to call it a night
6:30am time for coffee
Grant, Mike and Me (I need coffee bad)
Chris and Bill do too
Good morning wheels of steel
Hose (Matt) and his ride
Bill is a passionate man
Chris, Bill, Me, Grant, Landon, Matt, Mike
Bad knees and mental fatigue mean a ride home in a car
Grant and I were luck enough to get picked up by our ladies
The weekend was over too soon, but a crazy good time. The four that rode to Bear Creek were too beat and injured to tough it out a second day so we got rides home. The ride there was epic though and I will have stories about the prison, bodacious! and more on Wednesday.

All of the Photos

Mehtul's Mux


Jill said...

Adam, thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like a good time.
I love that you're still going to Bear Creek Lake! Congratulations to Grant!

Grant said...

Excellent post, sir! It certainly was an epic ride, replete with prison bridges and showers. One for the ages.

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