Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Days

Images of cornucopias filled to the brim with harvest treats and religious separatists with more belt buckles than maize, dance in my head in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. When day dream meets reality though, I eat too much, watch a lot of football and go without sleep on Black Friday. This year was no different, I'm happy to say. We started Thursday morning with a trip to my parent's house for a pancake breakfast. Given the large meals we planned to eat later in the day it was probably ill advised, but pancakes are super tasty.

Our first feast was had at Crystal's grandparents and was host to a crowd of 16, including three great grandchildren (Rowan, Kaden and Landon). The food was tasty as always and football was watched, but as a side show to three little ones running, walking and crawling all over creation. I felt like napping post meal, but instead we went outside for pictures galore. The boys played in and tried to eat the leaves and all together had a great time. It will be fun to see them get together each year and see how much they have grown.

Round two was back to my parent's, where we Kaden went to bed for the night prior to us eating a later than normal feast. The food was equally as tasty as our lunch and equally filling. Following dinner we did some Black Friday ad planning. A dessert that put me beyond full was next and then we were off sans Kaden to our home. That's right, our little boy spent his first night away from home at my parent's. It was a little tough passing his room and not seeing him through out the night. Crystal couldn't sleep upstairs without the white noise of his baby monitor humming away, so she slept in our first floor spare bedroom.

Sleep in preparation for waking up at 2:45am that is. Crystal and her mom are seasoned Black Friday shoppers who get out the door at 3:30am and don't come home till 4pm later that day. I normally head out with my brother for some door buster deal or another around 4am, but this year I could not seem to find one thing I wanted. So I stayed up to see what deals Amazon might have and to my disappointment there was nothing on the web I wanted either. So it was off to bed for the most sleep I have had since Kaden was born.

Saturday morning we packed up and drove to Crewe, VA to see Crystal's other set of grandparents. We showed off Kaden's new crawling, standing and clapping skills in their family room and then headed to Walmart, because that is what there is to do in Crewe. After Walmart we ate lunch at a sub and pizza joint and bid the grandparents far well. Sunday Kaden and I were sick all day. It sucked. The end.

The rest of the pictures are here.

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