Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How I DM: Bluntung

How I DM, is a series of articles that reflect back on my time as a dungeon master over the past year. I am currently DMing two different games, one on a virtual table top and a brand new local game. Today's article will focus on the building my first custom monster.

I mentioned previously that for the June edition of my meatspace D&D game I got the oppurtunity to create my own custom monster. Something I have toyed with in the past, but never gone whole hog with. The result was a creature that was fun to play and a minor challenge for my players.

Bluntug is the lieutenant of the Hand of Black in the area where my players are adventuring. When they first encountered him he was kneeling over a small pan of black slime and speaking to it. Upon learning of their presence he removed the upper portion of robes and revealed that his right arm was missing. He then kicked over the pan of ichor, filling the room with the liquid and forming a grotesque make shift arm out of it as well (see Hand of Black). Fun stuff to describe as the DM.


Ethan said...

That's cool. thanks for sharing that.

Grant said...

New movie of tangential interest to this thread. A positive reception from R. Ebert: http://tinyurl.com/2v4to2o

Crystal said...

Your description made it very easy to picture as a player. On a side note what is up with the weird spacing on this post? :)

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