Monday, June 21, 2010

Kaden's New Hat

We have been hunting for a new hat for Kaden for the better part of two months now. He out grew his old one a while ago and finding a cool hat to fit his massive head (he gets it from me, sorry son) has been difficult. Saturday evening we went up to Stony Point to eat dinner and play in the fountain. Needing to kill time before dinner, we walked around the mall and into the Baby Gap. Where we found the hat seen above and even better here.

It is smaller than a panama hat, but made of straw and has notes of a fedora, but not quite. I'll call it a Lombardi in straw. Naming aside, I'm sure the hipsters of downtown RVA would be proud. He looks slick and it will protect his little bald head from the sun this summer. Mission accomplished.


Grant said...

With this hat, he becomes the slickest dressed Tab in the mid-Atlantic. He looks like the fair-skinned guy who seems to show up in every Afro-Cuban dance band horn section.

DougK said...

Looks like a straw Tom Landry hat. Cool.

Wreck said...

Oh good call Doug, it is more Landry-esque

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