Monday, June 14, 2010

Pittsburgh Pool Party

Last Saturday after the Strawberry Jim-Jam we went home for a nap to beat the heat and then awoke to go to a pool party and beat it further. We didn't put a solid six hours in the car to get their either. When I say "Pittsburgh" party I'm referring to the network of friends my Dad has accumulated over the years. All football and hockey season they get together for every game and watch them rain or shine outside by a pool. The very same pool that we went to swim in Saturday.

The last time Kaden went swimming was at 4 months and that was at a time when as long as you were holding him he would do pretty much anything with out a fuss. Ten months later he has a little personality and is starting to make decisions on what he like and doesn't. So swimming now was up in the air. Thankfully he took to it like a fish. Splashing, jumping to Crystal and even going solo in a float. It looks like I might be going back on my "all sports, but swim team" stance. Damn it!

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