Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Richmond Zoo

We decided to hang around Richmond for Memorial Day weekend this year and do stuff around town. Monday morning we made the trek out to the Metro Richmond Zoo in Chesterfield. From the stories I had heard it was nothing to write home about, but DC is far away with a one year old in tow. Plus Kaden loves animals, a significant portion of his day is spent pointing at dogs, cats, birds and other neighborhood beast. He had a great time at Maymont on his birthday weekend, so why not the zoo?

Beside the long drive the zoo turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. There were tons of animals, nearly all of them were out and visible and there were plenty that we could feed. Feeding the giraffes and camels was a ton of fun for Kaden and constantly cleaning their saliva off of his hands was a job in and of itself. The small bird cage where he got to feed them seed on a stick was probably the biggest highlight. The birds flew right up to him and he was laughing the whole time.

By the end of our trip he was beat, Monday also happened to be the day we switched him to one nap. He was supposed to go down at 1pm, but ended up falling asleep for a bit on the way to lunch at 12:15pm. By the time we got him home he conked out in his crib for a solid 2 hours. All in I was impressed with our local zoo and would take him back without hesitation.


Grant said...

Looks like it was fun. I've never been to the Richmond zoo, but I've always heard generally negative things about it, as it sounds like you have, too.

I bet they got their act together sometime in the last 10-20 years, and all those negative experiences I've heard about were a result of a decline in the 70s-80s, historically parallel to the urban blight and crack wars of that era.

That's my wildly speculative theory, anyhow.

Crystal said...

That was such a fun day :) Can't wait to have many more this summer!

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