Thursday, June 3, 2010

May Game Night - Cthulhu Edition

Our last game night in April was a continuation of our on going D&D campaign that just passed the one year mark. So how does one celebrate a year of 4e? With another game system of course. Last Friday night we took a break from high fantasy for some Call of Cthulhu. Having a year of dice rolling under my belt it was nice change of pace to try something new.

We started off with what I assume is a little more hardcore and old school route when creating our characters. Dice rolls for stats, oh my! Statistically it is possible, but the fates must have been against me when I rolled my first 3d6 and came up with three ones. Who cares if Dr. Ike Hooper isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, he has gumption. Not being the most educated man, I switched his background a bit to be a medic in the Great War. When he returned home from two years of service he graduated near the bottom of his class in medical school and joined a private practice. Old money is old money though, so he was still granted membership in the gentleman's club that our party would be starting from.

Once we all had complete character sheets, it was off to mystery and adventure. The mechanics of the game seem much more focused on role playing and story than 4e. While I love a good encounter, it is also nice to move the story forward at a brisk pace. In theory this game was planned as a one shot, but we had so much fun with it that it will end up concluding the next time we play. The rules seem much simpler than 4e as well, which makes me more ambitious when plotting one shot game nights for friends and family. I'm already day dreaming about a Call of Cthulhu game night on our next beach trip. We shall see.

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